Pediatric Services

Uncertain. Worried. Overwhelmed. These feelings are all too familiar to families caring for infants or children with life-threatening or chronic illness or injury. But thanks to the professional support of our “clinic on wheels”, families are able to reconnect with feelings they thought were lost forever: Confidence. Support. Hope.

Hospital to Home

Let us make your child’s transition from hospital to home a happy one. Coastal Kids’ staff works hand-in-hand with primary care doctors, specialists, and community groups to provide the medical care, equipment, and practical assistance your child may need to live safely and comfortably at home.

Special Care for Special Kids:

Our programs are designed to meet the medical and therapeutic needs of babies, children, and young adults in crisis:

  • Treatment for Life-Threatening Conditions (TLC) is the only service delivering pediatric palliative and end-of-life care along California’s Central Coast. TLC optimizes quality of life for children suffering from cancer and other life-limiting illnesses through a range of services including on-call a round-the-clock skilled nursing care, pharmaceutical administration, management of in-home acute treatments, and comfort care intended to keep children as free from pain as possible.
  • Fitness In-home Treatment (FIT) provides families with the short-term skilled-nursing visits their sick or injured children need to return to health and wellness. The program addresses the needs of infants and younger children on temporary feeding tubes (both nose and stomach), as well as those who have open wounds that need to be dressed, are on IV medications, are diabetic, or have ostomy bags.
  • Vulnerable Infant Program (VIP) offers relief to families facing the challenges of caring for medically fragile newborns or infants. Services include skilled nursing visits to infants who have been released from state certified intensive care nurseries; well-baby check-ups to patients released from local hospitals; nursing visits to low-income families caring for newborns; and parent education.
  • Therapy for Occupational and Physical Challenges’ (TOP Challenges) licensed occupational and physical therapists address a variety of congenital abnormalities and developmental disabilities that may cause limitations in any of the following areas: joint mobility; balance and coordination; strength and endurance; gross motor functioning or fine motor skills; deficits in visual-perceptual or cognitive skills; and challenges with sensory processing/integration. Therapists also work with nursing staff to slow the decline of a debilitating illness for TLC patients.

Family Centered Care:

Our family support services offer emotional support to parents, siblings and caregivers coping with the incredible stress of childhood illness or disability:

Coping with a child’s serious illness can take a significant toll on a child, parents, caregivers and siblings. To support families through these complex emotions, Coastal Kids offers Counseling Services by a Social Worker with more than ten years of experience.  In person or telephone counseling is available to children and families who are currently under our care, and those who are referred from other community agencies.

Coastal Kids end-of-life care for children includes comprehensive anticipatory grief and bereavement services for children and their families. The Bereavement Program is designed with the understanding that each person grieves at their own pace and there will likely be peaks and valleys. With this in mind, Coastal Kids offers open-ended support services to children and any member of the immediate family (parents, siblings and grandparents) including in-person or telephone bereavement counseling.

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