Volunteers prep for bright and early Rio Resolution Run

Volunteers were busy at the Crossroads on Monday getting ready for the Rio Resolution Run bright and early on New Year’s Day.

Every year hundreds of people show up on the first day of the year ready to set a healthy tone for the new year and raise money for a good cause.

The Rio Resolution Run raises money for Coastal Kids Home Care and organization that provides pediatric care for children who are chronically or terminally ill.

The 5k and 10k races are the biggest fundraiser of the year for Coastal Kids and in 2019 those dollars could be more important than ever.

Executive Director Margy Mayfield said the state is cutting its decade long funding of palliative care, one of Coastal Kids’ most popular programs.

“Some of the best things about the care that we provide children when they have long term diagnosis or potentially life threatening diagnosis are our arts, music, and massage therapy, and some of those may be going away,” she said.

Mayfield said a massage may sound like a luxury for many but for bed bound children it’s care that helps improve their circulation as well as their emotional well-being. She says the other therapies are also critical in helping children cope with terminal illness.

“It’s really important kids don’t sit down and talk to a therapist they do play art and you know play therapy art therapy,” Mayfield said.

The Rio Resolution Run raises about $34,000 each year for Coastal Kids. The run starts at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday and walk ups are welcome in the morning.