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Due to COVID, Coastal Kids Home Care – which serves children in Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties – saw its demand for pediatric palliative care admissions triple because in the current climate, hospitals were, and continue to be, a scary place for families with medically fragile children. Additionally, we saw the number of children and teens accessing its mental health counseling services increase by 40% during the pandemic.

Our agency is bursting at its physical seams as well. As our team of nurses, social workers and counselors continues to expand, we have outgrown our 900-square-foot office. Thanks to donations from The Central California Alliance for Health ($1.2M); T.J. and Valeta Rodgers ($300K) and the Sally Hughes Church Foundation ($200k) among others Coastal Kids Home Care has been able to purchase and renovate an 8,000 square-foot building in Salinas which will house clinical and administrative management, and outpatient therapy.

Our current office is our ninth home in 15 years, so we are ecstatic to move into a new, permanent home in February.  This new facility will become a cornerstone of care for children living with illness and disability for many years to come. We are so grateful to our lead donors for their generous support.

However, an additional $219K is still needed to complete the project. These monies will fund the installation of a new roof and air conditioning, as well as allow us to set aside funds for ongoing maintenance. We also welcome in-kind donations.

Margy Mayfield co-founded Coastal Kids Home Care in June of 2005. After more than two decades as a pediatric nurse, Margy knew what children living with serious illness craved most – to simply be home. Children thrive when they can sleep in their own beds, eat their favorite foods and spend time with their friends. Her idea was simple but revolutionary. With an exclusive focus on pediatrics, Coastal Kids was able to bring high-quality, compassionate home care to children with serious or life-limiting illness – all at a low cost to families and community healthcare dollars.



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Every donation, no matter the amount, helps ensure our campaign's success.  All gifts are an uplifting reminder to our patients at Coastal Kids Home Care that their health and well-being truly matter to you and our community. 

If you or your business are interested in naming opportunities in the Rodger's Center for Children's Health please click the links below or contact Kelli Mullen Brown at kbrown@coastalkidshomecare.org for more information.

We are also in need of old newspapers and muralists that will help us bring our artistic dreams to life.  If you or someone you know would like to help, reach out to Cassie Jimenez at cwaggy@coastalkidshomecare.org 

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