To all of our participants,
We want to say THANK YOU.
Thank you for sharing your art and your stories of kindness in quarantine with us.
 Your artistic talents will bring compassionate medical care to kids all in the comfort of home.
With love,




Kelli K.


"Being kind during this time is especially important to me because of all of the different ways that this pandemic can affect people. Everyone comes from a different place, and sometimes our struggles are hidden. Some may suffer financially, others will feel isolated, people will lose their loved ones to the virus, and overall as a society, we have to face the reality of being disconnected. Showing kindness and being genuine in every interaction you are a part of can have a larger impact than you realize. We may all experience different things, but we all deserve kindness."

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Elise R.


"Kindness is important right now because people are struggling and we need to help them.  By being kind we can make people smile everyday while they are at home.  We should be kind all of the time because we don’t know what other people are going through and we might not understand it but our words might make it worse."

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Desirae A.


"I think we should be kind because we do not get to see friends while quarantined. I also think we should be kind and nice to one another because we are far away from each other. Also while quarantined families should stay home and don't touch other peoples stuff."

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Amaiah C.


"I think it’s important for everyone to be kind to one another  because we are all struggling with this new normal. Everyone is stressed out but we are in the same boat.  Some of the things my family and I have done during this time is 1) we deliver groceries to the elderly 2) we have helped my little cousin with her homework since she’s in kindergarten and online learning is new to her.  So be kind to one another we can do this!"


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Violet T.


"I passionately believe that everyone should be kind during this time of quarantine due to COVID-19. Many of us are uncertain about things that were once stable in our lives and as we worry about ourselves, we may forget that others are also experiencing the same uncertainty that we are during this time. Many people around the world are experiencing hardships such as not owning a mask of their own, losing a loved one, getting laid off from work, not having enough money to buy and pay for essentials, or catching COVID-19.  Overall, I hope that everyone remembers that no matter where they are in their journey of life, that they are capable of being kind to others and things."

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Alexander B, 8-13 Age Division

Nora R, 14-21 Age Division

Emily C, 14-21 Age Division

Gabriela G, 14-21 Age Division

Karina, 14-21 Age Division

Maya G, 8-13 Age Division

Maggie R, 14-21 Age Division

Danica T, 14-21 Age Division

Ella M, 8-13 Age Division

Matthew T, 8-13 Age Division

Anika G, 14-21 Age Division

Arlo H, 8-13 Age Division