Updated Mission Statement + Values 2021

Coastal Kids Home Care updates mission statement and values.



For many, the new year symbolizes a fresh beginning — a time of resolutions, commitments and enthusiasm. For Coastal Kids Home Care, the new year starts in June as we celebrate our 16th year this year.  It is an exciting time for our organization’s future and we are proud to announce our new Mission, Vision, and Values statements, which will guide the continued development of our organizational culture and grant-making strategy.

Vision:  Expand our model (across the state) to ensure that any medically fragile child has access to comprehensive home health care.

Mission: Meeting the unique needs of medically fragile children in the comfort of their homes.

Values:  Integrity, Growth-Mindset, Humanity, Equity, Resilience, and Teamwork.


INTEGRITY:  Demonstrating sound moral and ethical principles and doing the right thing no matter who is watching; every time. 

In pediatric home health, when the only person watching sometimes is a child, integrity is of the highest importance. For our Executive Director, this means hiring individuals with both excellent clinical skills and impeccable judgement when it comes to helping families care for their medically fragile children at home.  


GROWTH-MINDSET:  Believing in the ability to change, develop and learn from mistakes. With time, effort and practice, individuals with a growth-mindset can accomplish anything.  

Pediatric physical and occupational therapy are rooted in the idea of a growth-mindset. Our PTs and OTs work with parents to develop treatment plans that will help their child reach developmental milestones. And if the first plan doesn’t work like they expected? They try something new. 


HUMANITY:  Honoring the inherent value in each person and respecting their dignity; Embracing cultural humility and espousing compassion with every word and action.  

Our palliative care team embraces humanity in every encounter with the families they serve. This is especially true when a family receives a terminal diagnosis. They take great care to help families, and children, to explore all options and determine what they would like their last months, weeks and days to look like.  


EQUITY:  Responding to the unique needs of each pediatric patient. Offering appropriate resources to ensure each child reaches their personal healthcare objectives and families achieve well-being. 

Nursing staff coordinates closely with social workers to address barriers to care for children and families on service. For example, the child of a farmworker living in a one-room house near Watsonville may need access to transportation to medical appointments, financial resources to help with rent, and basic necessities like food and diapers.  


RESILIENCE:  Embracing the willingness to be tenacious, adaptable and resourceful when confronted with a challenge. 

From billers tenaciously pursuing reimbursement, to nurses adapting their approach to accommodate a child’s fears and the communications and development team once again pivoting in their approach to a problem – resiliency is ever present in our office. 


TEAMWORK:  Relying on the experience and expertise of others, and trusting each other, no matter what the circumstances. Recognizing that our best work is not produced by individuals but through collaborating to achieve our mission. 

Each member of our team brings unique talents to the table.