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What is bereavement support?

Bereavement support, or grief and loss services, can help family members and loved ones process emotions and understand how they’re feeling during this painful time. Grief support services can also help you celebrate the life of your family member and focus on the positive aspects of their journey.

What are bereavement groups?

At Papillon Center for Loss & Transition we believe connecting to others who have experienced loss can offer comfort to grieving individuals. Our bereavement care seeks to address the emotional needs of each member of the family. Adult bereavement groups are led by facilitators trained in specific types of loss. For children and teens, one-on-one counseling is available with therapists specializing in grief. 

Current Services

General Grief Adult Group (Zoom)

Adult general grief groups allow those who have lost a loved one to share their struggles with others who have experienced significant grief and loss.

Child Loss Group (Zoom)

The loss of a child is devastating. Often parents lose a sense of meaning or purpose. Meeting with other bereaved parents can offer solace and support.

Sudden Death Adult Group (On Hold)

For individuals who have lost a loved one to homicide, suicide, or accidental death this group offers space to address complex thoughts and emotions.

Spanish Grief Support Group (On Hold)

Grupo de apoyo para el duelo y la perdida en Espanol por plataforma de Zoom.

Bereavement Counseling for Children and Teens

For more information on bereavement services available to children and teens including 1:1 counseling, please go to our counseling page, here.

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