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What is pediatric home healthcare?

Leaving the hospital with a medically fragile child can be a daunting experience. Pediatric home health care offers nursing services to help children heal or live well with serious illnesses. Access to physical and occupational therapy at home provides children coping with developmental delays or those healing from injury with critical assistance -- all in the comfort of home.

Is home healthcare right for your child?

Children (ages 0-21) with medical needs requiring nursing or therapy services may benefit from home healthcare. With a referral and physician's order, our pediatric nurses travel directly to your home to offer skilled services including blood draws, infusions, wound care, and medication administration. Physical and Occupational Therapy supports children to develop the strength and coordination to handle daily tasks independently.

Why Coastal Kids Home Care?

  • All of our nurses and therapists have pediatric training and a dedication to caring for kids.

  • We coordinate closely with your child’s physicians to ensure continuity of care.

  • Our 24/7 on-call nursing line offers peace of mind for caregivers day and night.

  • Home healthcare serves your family where you most want to be – at home.

Home Health Services

  • Pediatric Nursing eases your transition from hospital to home by offering parent education, assistance with medication and in-home treatments, weight checks, and monitoring your child's progress toward health objectives.

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy helps children with developmental delays or those recovering from illness or injury to reach personal goals. Please check with our office staff to verify these services are available in your community.

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