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KPIX news coverage of Winter Wishes '22

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

About the story: This holiday season, we raised over $50,000 worth of gifts and gift cards to 160 Coastal Kids families! Our biggest year to date! Kids like CJ will have an extra special holiday. Four-year-old CJ was born with a rare genetic disorder that affects his kidney function. Yesterday, we were honored to share a little bit about our Winter Wishes Program and thank those who have helped make this happen.

Thank you to Monterey Peninsula Foundation host of the ATT proam, Aesthetx , Palma School Gifts on the Go and several private donations!

Thank you so much to KPIX and Devin for covering this story. We are so honored to bring much needed medical and mental health services to our patients everyday and this was an extra special thing we are able to bring our families during the holiday season.

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