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Coastal Kids Home Care ofrece una transición perfecta del hospital al hogar. Ofrecemos acceso las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana a apoyo de enfermería, capacitación práctica en equipos y administración de medicamentos, coordinación de atención domiciliaria, apoyo de servicios sociales y más.

How do we care for children?

In June of 2005, nurses from Coastal Kids Home Care began driving to the homes of patients throughout the central coast to provide skilled nursing services to children with medical needs. Over time our services have expanded to include home-based physical, occupational, and speech therapy. In 2010, Coastal Kids began offering comprehensive pediatric palliative care, and later shift nursing. Most recently, mental health counselors have joined our team in Monterey County. Today, each of these core programs is illustrated by one of the symbols in our logo. Each service emphasizes compassionate, family-centered care for children with medical and mental health needs.

Home-based Palliative Care

The heart represents our compassionate home-based pediatric palliative care program. For children with life-limiting illnesses, access to skilled nursing care, expressive therapies, and social work support offers a lifeline for the whole family.

Shift and Respite Nursing

This program delivers RN, LVN or CNA level shift nursing to children with medical complexity who require round-the-clock healthcare monitoring, while also offering valuable respite to caregivers.

Pediatric Home Health Care

The medical cross is emblematic of our original pediatric home health services. These include skilled nursing visits and home-based physical, occupational and speech therapy available to infants and children discharged from the hospital or referred by local physicians.

Behavioral Health Counseling

The hands highlight our growing behavioral health services. Individual counseling is available to support children and teens to cope with anxiety, depression, and other mild to moderate mental health issues.

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