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What is home-based palliative care?

Children with serious or life-limiting illnesses qualify for specialized medical care and family support services in the comfort of their homes. Palliative care provides relief from pain and symptoms for pediatric patients while assisting parents to address the emotional impacts of caring for a child with complex health needs. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the whole family.

Is palliative care right for your family?

Caring for a child with medical complexity or serious illness places incredible demands on a family. Home-based palliative care relieves children from physical and emotional symptoms, reduces parents' caregiving burden, and helps everyone cope. Services available to your child include nursing, art, music, and massage therapy. Counseling, social work support, and respite nursing benefit the whole family.

Why Coastal Kids Home Care?

Caring for kids is our specialty. All of our nurses and therapists have pediatric training.

We coordinate closely with your child’s physicians to ensure continuity of care.

Our 24/7 on-call line offers peace of mind for caregivers – day and night.
Home healthcare serves your family where you most want to be – at home.

For more than a decade our experienced team has offered home-based palliative care in the communities we serve.

Palliative Care Team

Pediatric Nurses ease your transition from hospital to home by offering parent education, assistance with medication treatments, and careful monitoring of your child's pain and symptoms.

Medical Social Workers assist with practical and financial issues around care and planning. They identify community resources and facilitate connections to spiritual care when appropriate.

Expressive Therapists help children express emotions through art and music, while massage offers children relief from discomfort. Expressive Therapy is loved by children and parents alike.

Counselors are available to answer questions from children, siblings, and parents. All family members have access to one-on-one counseling to address the impacts of serious illness.

Respite Nurses offer children medical care at home while providing parents with much-needed relief. The availability of respite nursing is dependent on your child's insurance benefits.

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